What to do when someone dies

At home

If the person who has just passed away has been poorly and has been treated by their doctor within the last fourteen days then you should:

Call the doctor's surgery to inform them that their patient has passed away.  A doctor will then come and verify the death and authorise you to contact the funeral director.  When you call us on 01744 454785 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) we will arrange with you come to the deceased home (usually within an hour of them passing away) to collect them and bring them into my care.   The GP should also advise you to contact the doctor's surgery to collect the medical certificate which you then take along to the Registrar's Office in the borough where the person died.  The Registrar's number should be on the envelope that the medical certificate is in.  You will need to call them and make an appointment to register the death, which you will need to do within five working days.  There you will issued with both the Death Certificate and also a certificate for burial or cremation, also referred to as the 'green form'.  The Death Certificate is for you records and the green form will need to be given to the funeral director.  In the meantime, whilst you are waiting to register the death you can still begin to make the funeral arrangements with me and simply provide me with the green form as soon as you receive it from the Registrar's Office.

When someone dies in hospital

The hospital where the person passed away usually have a dedicated Bereavement Office where they will guide you through the process of collecting the medical certificate from them and subsequently registering the death.  Once again, whilst you are waiting to register you can still appoint me as your funeral director and begin making the funeral arrangements.  

Unfortunately, when a person has passed suddenly either whilst in hospital or at home then the Coroner may need to be involved.  Please don't worry, it usually just means the Coroner will need to liaise with the doctor who treated the person in their last days and a decision will be made whether the deceased will need a postmortem  exmination or not.

If, indeed a postmortem is required the Coroner will carry out the examination to determine the cause of death and will issue the next of kin with an Interim Death Certificate which you should collect from the Registrar's Office.  Again, in the meantime you can still appoint the funeral director to begin making  some preliminary arrangements.

The cost of a funeral

Because each funeral can differ greatly form person to person and therefore vary in cost, depending on how simple or elaborate you would like to keep the arrangements.  I would like to encourage you to either call into my funeral home at 2 Prescot Road, ST HELENS, WA10 3UB or telephone me on 01744 454785 so I can give you an estimate based on your needs and budget.